A family business

Established in Nyon (Switzerland) since 1971, Bioligo is a successful family-run company that has written the history of global oligotherapy over this latest half of a century.

In the very same way that oligotherapy was pioneered in its early days, the new generation is still vibrantly inspired. Creating original formulas with uncompromising attention to quality and efficiency, the company is recognized as a reliable source of reference among healthcare professionals in Europe and Switzerland. Driven by a special blend of dynamism and continuity, Bioligo know what the are doing and how best to do it. Because they respect the extraordinary work done by the pioneers of Oligotherapy, Bioligo’s approach is to conserve that knowledge.  But, they are also modern, and determined to bridge the gap between tradition and the latest scientific methods.

Bioligo are passionate about encouraging people to be responsible for their own health which is a wonderful and empowering goal.

The pionners of Oligotherapy

Oligos is a Greek word for  “in a very small quantity” and oligo-elements are trace elements of minerals vital to the normal functioning of our metabolism. Oligotherapy is the therapeutic use of oligo-elements when ionized and in physiological doses.

The use of trace elements to rebalance the body is a long tradition, scientifically developed in the early 20th century by Dr. Sutter. He proved that an ionized solution of copper and manganese could cure one out of every two soldiers with tuberculosis and accelerate healing. Dr. Ménétrier took over from Dr Sutter’s research and confirmed the effectiveness of this therapy by developing the notion of diathesis, a topic on which he made his doctoral thesis.

In the 1970s, based on 50,000 clinical cases, Dr. Picard gradually extended the field of the application of oligotherapy to arthritis, with 85%  positive results. This was laterly the topic of numerous publications. (See “Treating rheumatism, the natural and efficient way”, Editions CRAO – available in french).

Michel Deville and global Oligotherapy

In 1977, Michel Deville invited Dr. Picard in Switzerland to deliver a cycle of lectures dedicated to rheumatologists. The attendants were enthusiastic with this treatment, but they felt  that implementation remained complex : each trace element (a total of 14 preparations at that time) was delivered separately, several times a day.

Michel Deville decided to combine trace elements together to make the process simpler: synergies appeared and the results were drastically improved. Indeed, the synergistic effect coupled with the simplification of the treatment made it easier for patients to follow the treatment. Based on this experience, he decided to apply the same reasoning in other fields and, over the years, created more than 20 therapeutic formulas that he experienced in his practice as an oligotherapist.

He also created training sessions for health professionals and taught the method for many years. He published numerous books in the field at the CRAO publishing house.

This gave birth to what  is now known as “global oligotherapy”…

The new generation

Frédéric Deville has continued his father’s work over the last 25 years.

As a passionate researcher and educator, he continuously upgrades the traditional formulas and develops new fields of expertise. Acting himself as a reputed therapist trainer, he is deeply aware of the complementary nature  of alternative medicines and has created numerous bridges between them (aromatherapy, homeopathy and Bach flowers).

Marianne Deville joined him in 2006 and specialized in emotional therapies for which she trains professionals and also provides therapeutic consultations.

What is the Deville’s family new battle cry? Establishing oligotherapy as a recognized field of medecine.