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Oligotherapy is both a preventive and curative medicine: Dr. Ménétrier called it “a functional medicine” because trace elements are the catalysts of all the biological functions of living beings.

The example of chinese medicine has greatly inspiring our approach, for in ancient times a doctor’s duty was not just to cure, but to prevent the emperor from becoming ill. Oligotherapy encompasses this vision and focuses on maintaining and strengthening the body so that it can more easily cope with moments of physical susceptibility or decreased energy. This is therefore a preventive medicine.

But when symptoms and disease occur, oligotherapy is also very effective, as it helps to rapidly restore a healthy balance. It removes the functional blockages that lead to the development of pathologies.

The training delivered by Bioligo helps to understand and monitor the basics of disease. Close attention is given to the patient’s history determining the congenital diathesis, and the diathesis of evolution. Therefore specific attention is paid to identifying the primary causes of the pathology.

A global approach

Bearing in mind the principles established by Michel Deville, Bioligo focused on developing trace element complexes (POEs) for each system (digestive, nervous, cardiovascular, osteoarthritis, endocrine, anti-oxidant, immune, renal, menopause, anemia etc).

Bioligo’s in-depth knowledge of the interactions of oligo-elements enabled them to develop an holistic approach closer to the real needs of the body: each element is precisely dosed and associated in order to deliver all its catalytic potential.

In addition to that, the efficiency of the formulas is optimized with ionization, a technique which has often been copied, but never equalled. This knowledge and expertise ensures 70% sublingual (under the tongue) assimilation, which is invaluable for people suffering from digestive problems.

Physiological natures

On the basis of the studies conducted by Dr. J. Ménétrier, four diatheses were identified.

For practical reasons Bioligo divided these four diatheses into two main and two secondary, and renamed them Nature or Terrain, a more comprehensible and accessible term for everyone: the two basic congenital Natures are hypoenergics and hyperenergics
The main two Natures are the hyper-energetic and the hypo-energic.

Hyper-energics are people who struggle to start their day because they often go to bed late. The more the day goes on, the more energy they gain because work invigorates them. It is not uncommon to find that these people start a difficult job at the end of the day, or even in the evening to finish late at night. The Hyper-energetic nature is “refreshed by effort, tireless in the evening” and they will have a hard time restarting the day.

On the other hand, the hypo-energetics wake-up easily in the morning and progressively deploy their energy as day goes on. In the evening, when all their energies is used, they calmly retire to rest : hypo-energetics are “fatigued by effort”
During an individual interview, a therapist should establish to which physiological Nature his patient belongs as this characteristic is easy to identify. Each Nature tends to develop specific pathologies and the proposed treatment must be consistently adapted.

Oligo-elements for which indications

In some countries, legislation is not receptive to natural medicines and therefore we are not allowed to give the therapeutic indications of oligo-elements – developed for nearly half a century by Bioligo – on our website,

However online testimonials are legal and we decided to open our website to give comments from practitioners and clients. We also felt that it is of our responsibility to give you answers when required.

Respect for customers has led us to practice a policy of total transparency, which translates into bringing all the observations of our users online, to which we are able to add the details in the comments when necessary.

If you want to know how to use each POE, just read the testimonials expressed by therapists who regularly use our products. You can also consult the list and definition of the 22 trace elements that form part of the basic composition of our products.

This online practice tremendously increases confidence with our clients. Each client has the right to genuine information and your testimonial helps us to gather the necessary information to change the legal framework.
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